The history of the farm "Uncle Nino" began about 150 years ago, around 1870, when the wealthy Medici family built houses on rural land that stretched for about 10 hectares and 28 hectares of mountain ricomprendevano also along the Grecanica Valley area Condofuri, which insists the stream bed dell'Amendolea to start a farm dedicated to the cultivation of grain, oil and all that concerns the production resulting from the cultivation of the earth.
Returned from Venezuela at the end of the '50s, where he had emigrated in search of fortune, our Uncle "Uncle Nino", bought by the Medici family own the company with adjoining land and houses and began the cultivation of bergamot, which became , and to some extent still is, one of the main sources of income of the company, as well as cattle breeding cattle and pigs in addition to all other logically crops (vegetables, fruit trees, olive oil ..).

A few years ago in view of the growth and development of the company and strongly believe that it is necessary to exploit the enormous potential of the structure, insistent Valley Grecanica along the bank of the river in the town of Amendolea Condofuri, it was decided to proceed with the restructuring some houses to start a farm called "Uncle Nino",Ingrandisci la foto which honors the memory of our Uncle Putortì Antonino, has since died, died conscious of having left the company in good hands to which he had devoted much of his life with passion and love for what he was doing.

The restructuring made in maintaining and trying to keep as much as possible the architectural style of the houses has led to a receptiveness of 15 beds and 80 seats in respect of the restaurant, with the intent to taste the typical products of the Calabrian cuisine made by the skilled hands of patients and women in the country who have preserved, passing them on to their children, the old tradition of our ancient art made of dishes, one of the macaroni with the sauce of goat.

Ingrandisci la fotoThe untapped potential of the company, however, are still enormous, ranging from the ability to create a natural park with paths to achieve with pathways to help you discover the natural beauty of the place, taking advantage of the mountains facing the company with the creation a natural park, the planting of medicinal plants, the restructuring of other houses with the increase of hotel accommodation to continue with the creation of a museum of the arts, ancient instruments and tools, such as the old machines with which you extracted the essential oil of bergamot or old stone crushers moved by the strength of bullocks, all machines in our possession that must be restored and placed.

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