Where is located the farm Uncle Nino is possible, with just a short drive, visit many ancient towns in the Valle Grecanica and the beautiful beaches of Bova Marina, Marina Condofuri, Palizzi Marina and Melito Porto Salvo.
The area Grecanica, is geographically situated in the Province of Reggio Calabria dell'Amendolea around the Valley, it covers an area of approximately 454 km ² and is located between the bottom and the Ionian Reggio Aspromonte.
The Valley Grecanica has the typical characteristics of the areas Aspromonte somewhat uneven and unstable.
The countries are located about 15 km from the coast, generally all of the mountains a time of difficult access and furrowed by ravines, then dominated by the southern slopes of the Aspromonte.


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Agriturismo Zio Nino - 2012
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