Ingrandisci la the municipality of Condofuri, from Calabrian dialect greek Kontofyria (near the fort),in the heart of the Calabrian grecano, composed of the towns of: Condofuri Marina, a charming seaside resort of the Ionian Sea, just steps from Gallicianò, called "the country more greek in Italy"," the Acropolis of Ancient Greece", where you can still fluent in ancient greek and the customs and traditions are directly children of ancient Greek culture that prevailed in this area of Calabria, near Amendolea, also culturally Greek, situated in a unique location, where you can still breathe a medieval atmosphere, with a Norman castle which houses the crenellated walls and churches of the Annunciation, Saint Catherine and Saint Sebastian, all of Byzantine origin . in this cradle of nature, where the visitor's interest, as well as the wonderful sea, is kidnapped from the fascinating nature in her womb that generates one of the most unique and fragrant fruits that could have ever been given to man, Bergamot in this paradise of colors, sounds and scents, in the district of Cosentino, the village of San Carlo, along the banks dell'Amendolea, lies the Agriturismo Zio Nino.Ingrandisci la foto

In addition to being kissed by the sun almost all year round, the particular location of our hotel allows you to enjoy a unique landscape, nestled in a silence broken only by the whistling of birds or some other animal.
Not a secondary aspect of the environment, of sea, rivers and mountains, in the case of the Aspromonte massif, touch the sky with its 2000 meters.
A place where you can immerse yourself in your dreams .....



Agriturismo Zio Nino - 2012
Azienda Agricola AGRIGALLO SaS · Contrada Cosentino di San Carlo · 89030 CONDOFURI (RC) · Tel: +39 3314545202 · Mail: P.IVA 02579350808

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